What Makes High Performance Heat Sinks Different from Regular Heat Sinks?

The demands placed on heat sinks in a wide variety of industries, in particular the energy and industrial sectors, are high. They need to be able to deliver perfect performance even in the most challenging situations. The quality of heat sinks influences the entire function and service life of power electronics components.

Regular heat sinks are often not sufficient in certain industries and applications. That is where high performance heat sinks come in.

Below we discuss everything you need to know about this topic.

What Exactly are High Performance Heat Sinks?

They are used for rapid heat removal to:

  • Cool specific power semiconductors
  • Minimize the resulting power loss
  • Protect power electronics components from excessively high temperatures and outage

In contrast to regular versions, they can cool electronics with higher power density. This includes vacuum-soldered water cooled heat sinks.

These are very flexible in terms of design, in particular with regard to the internal cooling structure. Tailored cooling channels are precisely machined into aluminum plates. This means it is possible to produce optimized cooling plates with improved performance. They can then reach the areas where the highest cooling capacity is required.

Why are High Performance Heat Sinks Essential for Certain Applications?

The electronic components that are being cooled are very expensive. Outage would result in additional costs for various reasons:

  • If a machine is not available, it leads to production downtime
  • Power transmission failure also results in stopping production
  • Nearby plant components can become damaged if an electronic component fails (explodes)

High performance heat sinks have high cooling capacity to prevent such outages. That is why they are also suitable for high thermal performance.

This requires maximum reliability that cannot be provided by regular heat sinks.

What Do You Need to Watch Out for When Choosing a High Performance Heat Sink?

High performance heat sinks must always be adaptable to meet specific customer requirements. This means that various technical requirements need to be met:

  1. Thermal: The maximum permitted temperature of the electronic component is not exceeded.
  2. Hydraulic: The specified pressure loss of the coolant in the cooling plate is correct.
  3. Mechanical: The flatness of the component surface and the hardness requirements are right.

Once you have chosen the right product, the investment is worth it over the long term. You benefit from a longer machine life, less downtime and lower costs.

DAU creates a thermal, hydraulic and mechanical simulation based on your requirements. This will demonstrate whether the DAU high performance heat sink delivers the required performance. Would you like to find out more?

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