How Vacuum-Soldered Cold Plates Reduce Costs and Extend Service Life

Cold plates represent a pioneering technology that significantly improves the efficiency of electronic components for various industries and applications. They are indispensable in power electronics.

In this blog you'll learn:

  • What vacuum-soldered cold plates are and what role they play in regulating temperature.
  • What the consequences are of insufficient heat dissipation.
  • Their advantages.
  • And most importantly: the positive effect they have on costs and service life.

What are vacuum-soldered cold plates?

A cold plate is a liquid-filled heatsink on which power electronics components are mounted. Inside, there is a cooling structure through which flows a liquid coolant. This liquid is usually deionized water or a mixture of water and glycol.

The main function of the cold plate is to keep the temperature of the components below the critical threshold set by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the electronics may be damaged. Vacuum soldering offers the greatest freedom in the design of a cooling structure.

At DAU Cooling, the configuration of the cooling structure is extensively tested in simulations and confirmed by practical tests performed on components at the performance test bench. This significantly extends the service life of the power electronics components.

What are the consequences of insufficient heat dissipation in industrial applications?

Electronics, whether in the form of IGBTs or high-performance resistors, generate heat during operation. This must be kept within safe limits. If the generated heat is not dissipated effectively, the temperature inside the power electronic components increases rapidly.

The consequences are

  • Components are damaged or even destroyed.
  • This results in costly downtimes, expensive repairs and high running costs.
  • Energy consumption increases because devices or components frequently overheat.
  • The service life of the devices is reduced and additional costs are incurred.


This is why effective heat dissipation using cold plates is a crucial factor. Ultimately, they ensure the performance and efficiency of electronic systems.

What are the advantages of vacuum-soldered cold plates?

Reducing costs thanks to higher efficiency

Thanks to efficient heat dissipation, cold plates ensure that electronic components operate within an optimal temperature range.

This significantly reduces running costs. This is particularly important in industries with high energy costs. It means they improve financial profitability.


Longer service life due to regulated operating temperatures

Maintenance intervals are extended thanks to precision temperature regulation. This is because preventing overheating protects against premature wear and tear. Above all, cold plates mean less maintenance and repair work.

The result:

  • less downtime
  • less maintenance work required
  • a longer service life of the machine
  • improved productivity
  • increased availability of machines and equipment


Sustainability and the environment

We already know that cold plates extend the service life of electronics components. In addition, they have other positive effects on the environment:

  • Fewer devices and components need to be disposed of. This reduces electronic scrap levels and minimizes the impact of disposal on the environment.
  • Sustainable production processes are key to manufacturing cold plates. This includes using durable materials and renewable energy sources as well as minimizing waste and emissions.
  • Overall, resources are saved in all areas, from energy to materials.

Conclusion: Vacuum-soldered cold plates are the key to reducing costs and extending service life

Cold plates ensure efficient temperature regulation in power electronics. This is because insufficient heat dissipation can lead to serious problems such as damage to components, high running costs and a shortened service life.

Vacuum-soldered cold plates therefore offer an efficient solution for

  • reducing costs
  • extending service life
  • promoting sustainability

They are an important step towards a more energy-efficient and sustainable electronics industry. At the same time, they improve the performance and reliability of systems.

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